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Wrapping Up 2014 with a JOTA camp report


Wulguru Brownies and Guides joined together to celebrate JOTA (Jamboree on the Air). We camped outdoors at Bluewater Campsite in dome tents and in ridges and all the girls thoroughly enjoyed being a pirate for the weekend because our camp theme of “Pirates.” The girls got into patrols and choose a pirate name badge, made a parrot, sword and scarf and eye patch to wear during the weekend.

The girls participated in activities such as “Climb the Rigging” (Low Ropes), “Boarding Party” (Flying Fox) and other Pirate activities over the course of the weekend and also find some messages in bottles down in the creek. We even got dressed up as Pirates for Saturday night dinner and campfire.

The girls had the opportunity to communicate to other Girl Guides and Scouts from around the world as   they talked over the radio, as what JOTA is all about. We had a flag pole and flew a pirate flag to celebrate the theme of the camp. All girls and leaders had a great time throughout the weekend and many great memories were made as a district together.