PJ Walk along the Strand

pj foundationGIRL GUIDES “STATE GOOD TURN 2015″ – P J WALK along the Strand

Flinders Region Girl Guides dressed ready in their pyjamas to walk the Strand to fundraise for the pyjama foundation.

As part of the State Good Turn, Flinders Region Girl Guides joined together as one to help fundraise for the Pyjama Foundation, in walking the Strand one Friday afternoon – yes, in our pyjamas. B1 and B2 from Bananas in Pyjamas made their appearance as we walked from Anzac Park, right down to Jezzine Barracks collected donations and handing out balloons and lollies to the public. Every girl looked great in their pyjamas or the fashionable trend “onesie” and we all had a lot of fun in making friends from all districts as we helped promote the Pyjama Foundation around our Townsville community.



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